Prof. Mitsuyuki Inaba
Professor, College of Policy Scienc, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
HGroup Leader, Web technology group, Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Culture, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Mitsuyuki Inaba is a Professor of the College of Policy Science at the Ritsumeikan University, Japan. His research interests include Psychology of Law, Public Communication, and Digital Humanities.

Professor Inaba is also the Group Leader of Web Technology Group in Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Culture at Ritsumeikan University. He utilizes the newest digital technologies and conducts research on digital archiving on Japanese traditional performing art. Those digitized resources including video data of the actual Noh performance, the shape of Noh masks, and the texture of Noh costumes have been accumulated into a database and an interactive system for Noh play.

Professor Inaba is active in Association for Computing Machinery, the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, and the Information Processing Society of Japan. He has devoted himself to the establishment and development of the digital platform called KACHINA Cube. This system is a virtual 3D space that consists of a 2D map with a time axis to represents, share and analysize regional cultural information.
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