The 5th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities 2014

Conference Program

December 1: International Conference Hall
Opening Ceremony  
Carl K. Y. Shaw
Director General, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.
Keynote Speech I: Fragments, Pivots, Jumps that Relate Narrative and Data: What Makes Digital Publication Different?  
Moderator: Fu-shih Lin
Deputy Director, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.

Ruth E. Tringham
Professor, University of California, USA. [abs]   [slide]   
Keynote Speech II: The Idea, Practice and Application of Constructing Virtual Time and Space Frame   

I-chun Fan
Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
Moderator: Kuo-hsing Hsieh Director, Academia Sinica Digital Center. [abs]   [slide]   
Coffee Break   
Paper Section I: History   
Moderator: Cheng-yun Liu
Research Fellow, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.
Searching for Ancient Social Networks: A Case from New Caledonian Lapita Pottery Assemblages
Scarlett Chiu, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
Effects of Character-based and Clause-based Multilingual Mapping in Studies of Historical Buddhist Scriptures
Reiko Hishiyama, Japan [abs]      
Text to Data: Extracting Posting Data from Chinese Local Monographs
Wai-him Pang, Hui Cheng, China
Shih-pei Chen, Germany
 [abs]   [slide]   
MARKUS: A Semi-automatic Markup Platform for Classical Chinese
Hou-ieong Ho, the Netherlands [abs]   [slide]   
Poster Session & Demonstrations  
Paper session II: Database   
Moderator: Hur-li Lee
Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.
@International Conference Hall
Digitally Archiving Advertising Ephemera: The Case of the Chinese Commercial Advertisement Archive (CCAA) (1880-1940)
Jing Chen, USA [abs]   [slide]   
What is the Problem?: History and the Chinese Commercial Advertising Archive (CCAA)
Tani Barlow, USA       
Summoning Structures of Sentiment: Applying Database Research to Travel Notes during the Japanese Colonial Period
Shu-hui Lin, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
Semantics of a GIS-BIM Integrated Database for Multi-property Cultural Heritages: A Case Study on Shrines Around Huishan Mountain of Wuxi
Jie He, Lei Zhu, China [abs]   [slide]   
Paper session III: GIS   
Moderator: Jinn-guey Lay
Professor, Department of Geography, National Taiwan University.
@First Conference Room
Study on Visualization Disclosure of Meteorological Disasters Historical Materials of China
Ling Cao, Huai-dong Ge, Yong Lu, Min Li, China [abs]   [slide]   
Research on Place Name Markup Technology and Creating the Spatial-temporal Integrated Information Infrastructure for the Value-added Application of Scripta Sinica Database
Eric Yen, Ling Bai, Hsiung-ming Liao, Simon C. Lin, I-chun Fan, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
Use Semantic Web Technologies to Develop Linked Gazetteers
Dong-po Deng, Tyng-ruey Chuang, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
Exploring the Development of Irrigation Maps in Taiwan under Early Japanese Colonial Rule Using Irrigation Registers in Sotokufu Archives
Chia-jung Wu, Jinn-guey Lay, Taiwan       
Coffee Break   
Paper session IV: Art & Literature   
Moderator: Chiao-mei Liu
Associate Professor, Department of History, National Taiwan University.
@International Conference Hall
Constructing the Ontology of Digital Art History: A Mapping Study
Shu-jiun Chen, Yi-jia Lin, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
The Digital Humanities Research of the Landscape Painting of the Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty
Guan-tao Jin, Taiwan
Jian-bo Mao, Ping Wang, Lan-li Tong, Zhi-qiang Xing, China
 [abs]   [slide]   
Writing and the Machine: Perspectives from Cybertexts
Tong-king Lee, Hong Kong [abs]   [slide]   
Paper session V: Text Mining   
Moderator: Kuang-hua Chen Vice Director, National Taiwan University Library.
@First Conference Room
The Alternation of Idea Groups on New Youth (Xin Qingnian): A New Digital Humanity Approach
Guan-tao Jin, Wei-yun Chiu, Ying-yi Liang, Po-yu Chen, Man-kwan Shan, Taiwan
Qin-feng Liu, Hong Kong
 [abs]   [slide]   
The Historical Study under the Context of Digital Humanities-verification and Interpretation of Free China
Tzu-yang Chiang, Hua-yuan Hsueh, Jyi-shane Liu, Ming-feng Tsai, Wen-chuan Huang, Ke-chih Ning, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
Who Translated the Shij Ji Jing of the Chang Ahan Jing? Applying Statistical Analytical Methods to Find New Quantitative Evidence from Sutra Text
Fa-chi Shi, Jen-jou Hung, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
December 2: International Conference Hall
Keynote Speech III:From Electronic Texts to Digital Humanities and from Life to the Environment: CBETA, DDBC and DILA  
Moderator: Shi-yung Liu
Deputy Director, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica
Huimin Bhikshu
President, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, Taiwan. [abs]   [slide]   
Keynote Speech IV:Computational Manuscriptology  
Moderator: Wen-lian Hsu
Director, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica.
Speaker: Nachum Dershowitz
Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel [abs]   [slide]   
Coffee Break   
Panel Presentation:The Dickens Lexicon Digital and the Study of Late Modern English  
Moderator: Tien-yi Chao
Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University.
Tomoji Tabata/Japan
Masahiro Hori/Japan
Osamu Imahayashi/Japan
Miyuki NIshio/Japan
Kiyonori Nagasaki/Japan
 [abs]   [slide]   
Poster Session & Demonstrations   
Roundtable: Global Digital Humanities  
Moderator: Jieh Hsiang
Director, Research Center for Digital Humanities, National Taiwan University.
An International Perspective on Digital Humanities: Challenges & Strategies
Harold Short
Professor, King’s College London, UK  [abs]   [slide]   
Global Digital Humanities
Paul Arthur
Chair Professor, University of Western Sydney, Australia [abs]   [slide]   
MARKUS and the New History of Collective Action
Hilde de Weerdt
Professor, Leiden University, Nederland [abs]   [slide]   
Digital Humanities in the History of Science: Strategies at MPIWG and the Local Monographs Project
Dagmar Schäfer
Director, Department III, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Germany [abs]   [slide]   
A Trend of DH Research on Japanese Arts and Cultures: From Literary and Linguistic Computing to Digital Scholarship
Mitsuyuki Inaba
Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan [abs]   [slide]   
Coffee Break   
Paper session VI Social Media   
Moderator: Hsiao-mei Wu
Director, Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University.
From Bibliographic to Contextual: Navigating the Google Books Dataset for Digital Humanities Research
Devin Higgins, Lucas Mak, Shawn Nicholson, Aaron Collie, Thomas Padilla, Nathan Collins, USA [abs]   [slide]   
Tourism Destination Image Representation on the Web: Application of a Chinese Content Analysis Software
Ho-chia Chueh, Wen-fu Tsou, Pei-hua Chao, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
News Sources in Social Media during the 2012 Presidential Election in Taiwan
Yu-chung Cheng, Shiuh-feng Shih, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   
Social Sensor: An Analysis Tool for Social Media
Chun-hsiao Wu, Tsai-yen Li, Pai-lin Chen, Yu-chung Cheng, Taiwan [abs]   [slide]   

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